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He started his love for hiking a couple years ago in 2013. His friends would go hiking to Koko Head and Makapu'u Lighthouse and he never thought anything of it. He was a gamer, who has never been outdoors his whole life except to play basketball. However, once he started hiking, he loved it!


The first hike he did was Koko Head. It was extremely exhausting, but the feeling of accomplishing the hike was overwhelming and exciting! He was also scared of heights. Going down the trail took over an hour, due to going one step at a time.


Feeling inspired by pages such as Unreal Hawaii and Exploration Hawaii, he started exploring this island he lived on his whole life. Being on unemployment at the time, every day would be a new hike, or new adventure spot. He also didn't know how to swim. However, the thrill of jumping off at Cromwells also gave him an adrenaline rush. Wanting more, he soon started cliff jumping, conquering his fear of heights. Jumping off spots such as Waimea Rock, Laie Point, and Kapena Falls!


His hiking abilities also got more extreme doing hikes such as Olomana Three Peaks and Mt. Kaala. And over the years he checked off hikes and spots from his bucket list and the hiking list grew and grew.


Now, having hiked more than half the hikes on his list, he wants to share his experiences with the world. Showing the world that anybody can follow a dream, a passion, something that inspires you. From being afraid of heights and not knowing how to swim to becoming a hike beast, knowledgeable of more parts of the island that he has ever known his whole life!


So if there is one thing that he wants you all to learn from this, would be to stay inspired and do what you're passionate about. Step out of your comfort zone and be a hike beast! The three things that define a hike beast is motivation, determination, and inspiration. "Even if you don't hike or hardly hike, I hope this page inspires you to do what you love!" -Steven Karr Jr.


As our business grows, we will be looking for passionate people who love the outdoors just as much as we do to join our team!

Looking for Ambassadors, Hike Guides,

Sponsors/Promoters, and Photographers.


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