Naniuapo falls


"Don't look back, you're not going that way."

Updated: January 18, 2017

Location: Naniuapo Falls is located in Manoa Valley joining the same hiking trail as the Waiakeakua Falls hike.

Type: Waterfall hike

Hike Difficulty: Beginner

Total Time: 2 to 3 hours

Distance: ~3.8 miles

Elevation: ~1200 feet

Things to Consider

  • Kid friendly: no
  • Pet Friendly: yes
  • The waterfall only flows after a heavy rain, so most of the time the chute will be dry.
  • Bring bug spray. Expect to be attacked by mosquitoes throughout the trail.
  • This hike is also crossing private property and going through a gate with a no trespassing sign. Hike at your own risk, and please pick up your trash.
  • There is no pool at the bottom to swim in, but the waterfall is a beautiful sight when flowing!
  • The trail can be a little confusing with certain junctions. If you feel that you are no longer following a stream, head back and take the other direction. You will always be following a stream.
  • You will pass by some abandoned homes and the Naniuapo Haunted House. We have a story to tell about our journey.

Your hiking backpack

  • Bug Spray
  • 2 Liters of water
  • Snacks (Something that you wouldn't mind getting wet)
  • Towel
  • Waterproof case for electronics (I got a Zgear case from Best Buy)
  • GoPro/waterproof camera


The hike is located in the same area as Waiakeakua Falls. The starting trail is also known as the Seven Bridges Hike. Location has been removed to protect the privacy of the home owners there. You can also access this hike coming from the Pu'u Pia Trail.

Our Journey

We decided to do this hike since there was a storm coming and it has been raining for a few days. I kind of had an idea of which direction to go, and I had scouted the hike the last time we did Waiakeakua Falls. There are some old abandoned cars that we seen, but I really wanted to see the haunted house! We passed a couple of bridges and took a left. Within 5 to 10 minutes we seen the houses on the left! There were two abandoned old homes that we passed and we explored around a little. It is really spooky when you go inside. We only passed two people on the whole hike, and they were creepy people. But I'll talk about that later. We followed the trail and there were a couple of junctions. We went off path one time and we knew we were going the wrong way because we were getting farther and farther from the stream. We turned around and took the other path. I'm sure there are other waterfalls around the area, but we wanted to find the Naniuapo Falls. Within about an hour or so we made it to the falls! There were fallen trees all over, I guess from a land slide or something. It was sad because it covered up the pool at the bottom, even though it wasn't deep. It also blocked a good shot of the waterfall! The falls was super high though! It was an amazing sight to see! It started pouring rain and the waterfall was flowing beautifully! We walked back soaking in the rain. However, we still had fun and even though we were freezing, I'm glad we got to see that waterfall flowing!


Our Haunted Story

The people we encountered on this hike was really creepy. One old man we saw was holding a machete. He says he was just chopping down trees, and he seemed like a nice guy, but I wouldn't want to get on his bad side! He chatted with us for a bit and followed us along the trail and went his separate ways at the junction. So he wasn't a ghost or anything, but he could've been Freddy vs. Jason or something!

The second man we met on the hike was an old Japanese man. He seemed like he couldn't really speak English too well. He was coming towards us as we were heading towards the waterfall. He was wearing a white business suit, in the pouring rain with a black umbrella. Now where was he coming from? Who knows! I don't think he was hiking in that! And he looked super clean, like no mud or anything on his clothes. It was incredible. We passed him by and asked him, "How much longer to the falls sir?" He replied, "What? No waterfall here." We were a bit confused. "We are here for the hike? To the Naniuapo Falls?" Then he said, "Oh I see. Nice to see you guys!" And he went on his way. It was a little weird and creepy. We turned around and he was gone. We didn't see anybody else for the rest of the hike. I know this was an old village in Manoa in the past. Could he have been one of the residents living here in the olden days? Who knows. We were scared, but continued on our way.





























Going past the no trespassing signs by the gate.





























At the first junction, take the path on the right.





























One of the bridges we crossed. You can also go down under from the ladder shown in the picture.





























At the second junction, take the path on the left.





























This next junction splits the trails to Naniuapo Falls and Waiakeakua Falls. Take the path to the left to continue on the trail.





























Within 10 minutes we saw this abandoned haunted house!





























We went inside to take a look around.






















This is also where we saw the creepy old Japanese man,

right after we passed by this house.






















Then it started pouring and the trail literally turned into a stream!






















We got soaked! It was raining so hard!






















The crew was having fun though. Hike Beast!






















We just followed the trail along side the stream for about an hour or so. However, it seemed like forever since we were hiking in the rain!






















Until finally, the waterfall was in sight!





























Lot's of fallen trees here. I wonder what happened.




























































The waterfall was so high and flowing nicely!














































This waterfall is dry most of the time. I was so glad it was flowing!





























Up close and personal.





























Another waterfall hike in the area is the Luaalaea Falls, but we'll save that for next time!





























A group shot on the fallen tree before heading back in the rain!

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