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Updated: March 11, 2016

Location: Located next to Sunset Beach Elementary School. A short hike to two World War II bunkers in the North Shore. Also known as the Sunset Pillbox Hike.

Type: Forest hike

Hike Difficulty: Beginner

Total Time: 1 to 2 hours



Things to Consider

  • Kid friendly: yes
  • Pet Friendly: yes
  • This hike is great for a sunset. The sun sets right over the water in clear view from the bunker.
  • This hike is easy to follow and has a lot of trail markers to lead you.
  • This hike has two bunkers, with the second bunker having the nicest view.
  • There is also a nice picnic table for a quick lunch break.

Your hiking backpack

  • 1 Liter of water
  • Snacks/lunch
  • Flashlight or headlamp if staying after sunset
  • GoPro camera


Take Kamehameha Highway towards North Shore. Head past Haleiwa and past Waimea beach. Continue until you see Sunset Beach Elementary School on the right side. Parking is on the left at Ehukai Beach Park. If planning to stay late, you may also park on the street.

Our Journey

We started hiking around 5pm. This is a great hike to do after work and watch a sunset. It is a short and easy hike with a beautiful view! We parked at Ehukai Beach Park and crossed the street towards Sunset Beach Elementary School. Walk in the parking lot and the entrance to the trail will be on the left. There are ribbons to lead you through the forest. I have been on this hike many times and never get tired of the view. The peace sign bunker! Over the years, the peace sign is still in great shape and the trail has gotten a lot easier as well. Stairs have been built and ropes have been put up. A picnic table has also been installed on this trail for a quick lunch. Not too many people know that there are two bunkers on this trail. Most people stop at the first bunker, but it is from the second bunker that you can watch the sun set over the ocean. The first bunker's view is kind of blocked by the trees. The second bunker isn't too far from the first, maybe about 10 to 15 minutes. To reach the first bunker, it only takes about 30 to 40 minutes. You can use this as a guide if you are unsure if you are going in the right direction. If it has been over an hour and you still hasn't found the bunker, you are probably on the wrong trail. There is another 6 mile trail called the Kaunala trail heading towards Pupukea. Like the Lanikai Pillbox trail in Kailua, this is another great beginner hike.






















On the left side of the the parking lot in by the elementary school is the start of the trail.

The forest area has many trail markers to lead you on the path. Just follow the ribbons.





























We found this cool cave along the way.





























Great for a picture or chill spot.





























Now there's a picnic table on the way up. Great spot to eat our Kahuku Shrimp!





























What an awesome view! But we had to go, people were waiting their turn.





























And then we found the first bunker!





























Enter the bunker if you dare!





























Inside the bunker, a bunch of graffiti.





























It's always fun exploring inside there old bunkers!





























The view is great, but the houses are blocked by the trees.





























Looking down from the first bunker.





























Head right from the first bunker and follow the path. You will lose some elevation, but the view is more spectacular. You reach this after about 10 minutes.






















Getting inside the second bunker can be a little difficult. There is a huge boulder blocking the door.






















Inside the second bunker!





























Awesome shot of the second bunker, with me in it!

























 how do I get out??





























Hanging onto some trees also makes for a good picture!





























Awesome sychronized shot!





























You gotta throw the peace sign while on the peace sign bunker!






























Close up of the second bunker.

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