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Updated: January 14, 2016

Location: A short hike to a small mountain top in Makaha. Views from Kaena Point all the way to Waianae.

Type: Ridge hike

Hike Difficulty: Beginner

Total Time: 1 hour.

Distance: 0.3 miles

Elevation: 300 feet

Things to Consider

  • Kid friendly: no
  • Pet Friendly: maybe
  • The Waianae side is extremely hot so be sure to bring sun screen. Most of the hike is out in the open.
  • This is a good hike for a sunset! The sun sets on the water as you look out from the point.
  • This hike goes through a neighborhood so please be courteous of the neighbors and don't litter.
  • Makaha is known for car break-ins so don't leave valuables visible in your car.
  • Some rock-climbing skills is required for some parts, but most of the hike is an easy incline.

Your hiking backpack

  • Sun Screen
  • 1 Liter of water
  • Snacks
  • GoPro/camera for beautiful pictures of the West side!


Take Farrington Hwy towards Makaha. Turn left onto Lahilahi Street. Lahilahi Street is a loop street that goes in, and then back out to Farrington Hwy. When you enter the street, you'll see a gate next to the housing. You can park on the left side away from the housing.

Our Journey

This IS NOT Waikiki Beach! I have heard so many people say "Hey! A hike in Waikiki!" I guess the building looks like the buildings by Waikiki Beach, but this is the other side of the island, all the way in Makaha! The hike is a short and easy hike to a point between Makaha and Waianae. We journeyed out to Makaha late afternoon to do this hike. It takes less that an hour for the hike. The trail literally just goes straight up the mountain. There are multiple trails up, but we took the direct route straight from the road. Followed the left side and headed up the mountain. There was just one part, where there was a bit of rock climbing, but once we got up to the ridge line, it was straight to the point. Heading right on the path would lead you to Makaha Beach. I'm sure there is a route going up the mountain from the right side as well. I see a couple of people heading up the mountain from that side. There's no right or wrong direction, as long as your going up and towards the ocean.



















The entrance to the trail is from Lahilahi Street. Head through the fence to access the trail head. We explored Makaha Beach first.

























Head through the brush straight ahead. Heading to the right will take you to Makaha Beach.

























Lookout out to the left.



















Heading up the mountain.

























The views are amazing right from the start!

























Views of Makaha Beach on the right.



















Some minor rock climbing and scrambling, but nothing too difficult.

























Found a marker on top the mountain.

























Beautiful views of Makaha Beach!

























We brought Bella along with us. Ahhhh zabenya!!! Lol

























Bella was enjoying the view from her third hike.

























You can continue past the pole to the actual point to get a closer view of the sunset!

























Take lots of selfies up here. The view is amazing!

























A final look at the panoramic view before heading back down.

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