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The Pink Bunker (Pu'u O Hulu)


"Dedicated to the survivors, the fighters, and to those who have lost thier battle to cancer."

Updated: January 4, 2016

Story of the Pink Bunker


"Nearly 2 years ago in 2013, I put the first of 8 prayer boxes on top of the Pu'u O Hulu Kai trail, in October of last year. As I was checking the prayer box, there were 14 prayers and 11 of which were prayer requests for somebody dealing with cancer or who had lost their battle to cancer. I then got inspired to create a hike to raise awareness for cancer.


The hike was named 1st Annual Maili Pillbox Hike for Cancer Awareness which had been scheduled for October 18, 2015. In due process The Pink Bunker was created.


At the time it was just around 125 hiking friends and family which was supposed to be over and done by next year. The next night, a resident of Maili had noticed that the bunker had been painted pink and gave us a mean comment. We reposted it on the social networks and it just flowed like wild fire and went viral.


Today The Pink Bunker is a sign of strength, hope, faith, and so much more to other people especially to those who have been impacted by cancer.


So we decided to paint inside and start a wall of tribute to write names of survivors, fighters, and even those who lost their battle to all types of cancer. Now, the wall holds nearly 250 names and more are being requested daily.


We of teampinkbunker gratefully thank you with hearts full of appreciation. Thank you for wanting to make a story of The Pink Bunker. Many prayers n hearts have come together not only here in Waianae, but on Oahu, the state of Hawaii, and even around the world!" -Anonymous.


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Location: Pu'u O Hulu is the five bunkers of the West side! The twin hills that divide Maile and Nanakuli. You can see them from Farrinton Hwy as you drive by. If you look close enough, you can also see the West Side Puka. It is a great beginner hike, or intermediate hike if you choose to go the Makai side trail.

Type: Ridge Hike

Hike Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

Total Time: 1 hour round trip

Distance: .75 miles to bunker.

Elevation: 700 feet

Things to Consider

  • Kid friendly: yes
  • Pet Friendly: yes
  • Bring sunscreen. Waianae is very hot!
  • Bring lots of water. Even though the hike isn't too long, the sun tires you out faster. Try not to go during peak sun hours.

Your hiking backpack

  • Sun Screen
  • 1.5 Liters of water
  • Snacks
  • GoPro/camera


Take Farrington Hwy heading to Waianae. Then turn right onto Kaukama Road. You will see the trail on the right side after about 8 or 9 light poles. This is the easy way up, with switchbacks up the mountain. There is also a more intense way up the mountain. The trail starts a couple light poles before and trail is a little more faint. This way is straight up the side of the mountain with steeper inclines.



























This is where the trail starts. Park on the side of the road.

Our Journey

This hike is a great hike with a beautiful view! I have been here before with the flag and mailbox but it has been taken down. The bunker has just recently been painted pink in October 2015 for breast cancer awareness. The group, who remains anonymous, is doing this for a good cause and to raise awareness of the fighters who struggle with cancer. There is also a Christmas tree inside the bunker and we added some water to the tree as well. The short hike took us about 30 minutes to get up to the bunker. You can also hike from Pu'u O Hulu Uka, the other side of the mountain. The back side starts on Anaha Street with a faint trail up the mountain as well.


























Heading up a rocky road from the street.


























What a view after only 5 minutes!


























This is a great hike to watch the sunset as well.


























The higher up you get, the more you can see!


























Found a cool tree on the way up.


























There are a few switchbacks heading up the mountain.


























Beautiful views of Waianae on the way up.


























Heading up to one of the WWII bunkers. Pink bunker in the distance.


























The more advanced route straight up the Makai side of the mountain would be coming up from this side.


























The view from inside the bunker!


























An old winch no longer in use.


























The Maile Prayerbox!


























Finally the amazing Pink Bunker!


























A Christmas tree inside the bunker!


























Dedicated to those fighting their own battles.


























Brought some Cliff Bars for a snack.


























Flag has been taken down this time.


























Another one of the five bunkers. Continuing on the trail leads you to the puka and the mauka side (mountain side) of Pu'u o Hulu. We hiked up the makai side (ocean side).


























Nice 360 views from the bunker!


























Where the mailbox used to be. Until next time! Aloha!

Here's some GPS tracks for our hike.

Here's the GPS tracks from the last time I went the Makai side up the side of the mountain.

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The Pink Bunker (Pu'u O Hulu)
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