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Upper Makua Cave


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Updated: December 26, 2015

Location: Makua Cave is at the end of Makaha almost at Kaena Point. It is a short hike with a lower and upper cave. Parking is located across the street from the cave.

Type: Ridge hike

Hike Difficulty: Beginner

Total Time: 1 hour.



Things to Consider

  • Kid friendly: yes
  • Pet Friendly: yes
  • The Waianae side is extremely hot so be sure to bring sun screen. Most of the hike is out in the open until you reach the cave.
  • This hike has no trespassing signs so hike at your own risk. The trail seems pretty maintained now though.
  • The grass is high and overgrown in some parts, so you may want to bring long sleeve and long pants if you don't want to get scratched by the branches.
  • Makua Cave is said to be haunted with a shapeshifting Shark-Man who lures people into the cave. People were forbidden to enter the cave. There is definitely some spiritual presence here.

Your hiking backpack

  • Sun Screen
  • 1 Liter of water
  • Snacks
  • GoPro/camera for beautiful pictures of the West side!


Take Farrington Hwy towards Waianae and follow the road all the way to Makaha. Before you reach Yokohama beach, you will see a huge cave on the right and a parking spot on the left. There will be a big rock that says Kaneana Cave. You can visit the lower cave and explore inside. The trail to the upper cave is more down the road and you will see some no trespassing signs where the trail starts.





























This is where you park. You will see this rock of Kaneana also known as Makua Cave.

Our Journey

This hike is a short and easy hike with spectacular views of the West side. You can see the upper cave from the street so you know how far your are hiking. There are multiple trails now through the brush to reach the top and also ropes to help you on your way up the steep sections. Ever since social media has been posting pictures of the cave, there has been more and more foot traffic, and thus no trespassing signs have been put up by the state. You can see the trail clearing from the road and just follow the path up to the top. There are some rope sections as you get further up, and then the trail loops around the mountain until you reach the cave at the top. It's an easy 30 minutes to the upper cave.




























The lower Makua Cave. You can explore inside and check out the cave.





























The cave is huge and intimidating but enter if you dare!






















Heading up from the no trespassing signs. Slowly increasing elevation.

It does get a little steep so be careful because some rocks are loose.





























Steep drops on the right side, but amazing views!





























The view all the way to Kaena Point from inside the cave!





























You can walk out and sit on the edge for a more close up view!

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Upper Makua Cave
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